TOQUE Magazine® is where Cai Sepulis & Chris Tiessen get creative.


Cai is creative. Equal parts brand maven, art director, illustrator and design demigod, Cai’s has worked closely with Ontario craft breweries, music and literary festivals, restaurants and cafes, and a handful of national and multi-national corporations to boot. Simply put, Cai helps businesses do better by making them look good and feel great.


Chris is creative too. Equal parts photographer, writer, editor and creative project manager, Chris feels most at home distilling and broadcasting clients’ unique stories in award-winning boutique magazines and other engaging marketing & communications vehicles. Simply put, Chris helps businesses find their distinct narrative and tell it to the world. In print. Online. And usually both at once. Oliver Street Photography

What is TOQUE Magazine®?

TOQUE Magazine® is your quarterly regional lifestyle ‘lookbook’ dedicated to showcasing the goings-on from Wellington County to Waterloo Region. Or, as we at TOQUE are inclined to say, from Brooklyn to Berlin.

It’s no secret that Kitchener was once named Berlin – an appropriate moniker for a German-centric town until the First World War made it seem a tad less appropriate. Perhaps a lesser-known fact is that Guelph’s central neighbourhood – that lush, park-filled spot at the confluence of the Eramosa and Speed Rivers – was once called Brooklyn.

Brooklyn to Berlin. An ode to our regions’ separate pasts. And a nod towards their common future. A future in which Wellington County and Waterloo Region – with the forthcoming emergence of all-day two-way GO transit and the imminent development of the Toronto-Waterloo Tech Corridor – might at last look to one another as affable, mutually-supportive neighbours.

It’s time to band together. To share our stories. To construct our identity as a region without rival. From craft breweries to tech start-ups, luxury homebuilders to independent furniture makers, glorious trail systems to enticing culinary destinations – our broader region has it all. And TOQUE Magazine is here to share these stories. In words and images. From Guelph to Kitchener-Waterloo. Brooklyn to Berlin.

Dig in.

Yes! We also brand businesses.

From craft breweries to boutique cofee shops to popular gastropubs to everything in between – Toque Ltd is always keen to chat about how we can help make you look good through branding and content marketing. Visit us at TOQUE.LTD