Ever have a craving for food that’s fast without having to settle for fast food? Then we’ve got some tasty options for you. From fresh-made tacos to bao steam buns to submarine sammies to plant-based and smash burgers, our region’s hotspots are serving up terrific treats that’ll fit in your hand and then in your mouth. 

So reach out and grab something.  

An assortment of soft tacos – including the ‘el Cochinito’ (pork carnitas, pickled red onions, salsa cruda), ‘el Cactus’ (roasted cactus, poblano chili, onion, avocado, queso fresco, salsa verde) & ‘el Gringo’ (chicken tingas, pico de gallo, queso fresco, chipotle cream, iceberg lettuce). Paired with bottles of Jarritos Mandarin & Lime sodas

el Cactus Taco Shop
2 Ontario St, Stratford

A ‘Single Patty Smashburger’ (American cheese, leafy lettuce, tomato, pickles, smash sauce, toasted Martin’s potato bun) & ‘Double Patty Smashburger’ (American cheese, leafy lettuce, tomato, pickles, smash sauce, toasted Martin’s potato bun). Tasty with a can of soda & bottle of Perrier
Smashies Smashburgers And Fries

23 Quebec St, Guelph

A ‘Stayin’ Alive’ (smoked turkey, capicola, hot salami, Havarti, romaine, tomato, onion, mayo) on whole wheat & ‘Hey Jude’ (smoked meat, smoked turkey, hot salami, swiss, hot pickled eggplant, mustard, mayo) on white. Enjoyed with a can of San Pellegrino Pomegranate & Orange and bottle of Eby Farms chocolate milk
Jimmy’s Feed Co Sandwiches & Catering
401 Weber St N, Waterloo

A handful of bao house-made steamed buns – including the ‘Chicken Katsu’ (Japanese-style fried chicken, garlic mayo, tonkatsu sauce, lettuce, green onion, togarashi flakes), ‘Spicy Pork’ (spicy pork, garlic mayo, cucumbers, kimchi, green onion), ‘Crackle Belly’ (pork belly, spicy mayo, cucumbers, pickled daikon & carrots, cilantro, crackle bits) & ‘Lucky Pulled Pork’ (slow roasted pork, garlic mayo, pickled cabbage, green onion). With black milk tea & purple citrus lemonade
Bao Sandwich Bar
62 Balsam St, Waterloo

A ‘Tofino’ (chickpea & zucchini burger w/ garlic mayo surf sauce), a ‘Dragon’ (white kidney bean & mushroom burger w/ spicy dragon sauce) & a ‘Buddha’ (black bean & sweet potato burger w/ bbq sauce & chipotle mayo). Together with a ‘Protein Oat Cookie’ smoothie & ‘Blue Magic’ smoothie
584 Concession St, Hamilton
118 Wyndham St N, Guelph