Summertime is hot dog time. And while we might embrace the practice of bbqing a few wieners on the backyard grill as a seasonal rite of passage, there’s always the option of grabbing a dog while you’re on the go. Over the past weeks, the TOQUE team scoured the region for culinary destinations that are serving up some of the best – and most distinctive – hot dogs around. All in the name of research.  

One twelve-inch ‘Chicago Slider’ (aged cheddar, onion, hot pepper, tomato), a twelve-inch ‘Wonder Dog’ (melted cheese, bacon, fried onion, tomato) and an order of fries. Served with vanilla and chocolate peanut butter shakes.

694 Spring Garden Rd, Burlington

Fun fact: look up – Easterbrook’s ceiling is papered with thousands of customers’ business cards.

‘The Doberman’ (sauerkraut, coleslaw, EBC dunkel beer mustard, pretzels, butter-toasted bun), ‘The Satay’ (spicy peanut ketchup, chili cucumber relish, cilantro, roasted peanuts, butter-toasted bun) and orders of potato salad & coleslaw. Served with cans of Elora’s Australis IPA & Obskura DIPA.

Le Chien Chaud
130 Metcalfe St, Elora

Fun fact: Le Chien Chaud is part of The Evelyn restaurant – Elora’s home to French fine dining.

A sausage on white (sauerkraut, pickles, ketchup) and one on whole wheat (pickles, mayo, yellow mustard). ‘Nuff said.

Wally Parr Sausage
2 King St W, Hamilton

Fun fact: with locations in Burlington, Guelph, Caledonia, and Steeltown, Wally Parr’s got you covered.

‘The BBQ Chicken’ (bbq chicken strips, spicy ketchup, mayo, green onion) & ‘The Hotter One’ (spicy mozzarella, jalapenos, red onion, coleslaw, sriracha, mayo). Served with bottles of ginger beer & kola champagne.

The Good Dog Co
253 King St N, Waterloo

Fun fact: this cozy food counter also serves some of the tastiest jerk chicken around.

A couple of twelve-inch dogs ‘with the works’ (relish, onion, tomato) and a requisite order of fries. Served with bottles of root beer & cola. 

Rocky’s Drive-In
520 Elizabeth St, Guelph

Fun fact: this seasonal Royal City establishment has been slingin’ foot-long dogs since 1951.