Friends. Almost nothing compares. Folks that you can get playful with, feel comfortable around, and do all sorts of adventurous things alongside. Over the past couple of years, TOQUE has managed to form a whole bunch of great friendships. With collaborators. Clients. Competitors. And readers. 

And, perhaps most of all, with those regional movers and shakers we’ve featured in the magazine. Like Elora Brewing Company. Since writing about this wonderfully innovative and creative brewery way back in Issue Two – our inaugural ‘Food Issue’ – we’ve shared all the feels for one another. And adventures too. We won’t be forgetting, for instance, our (albeit semi-aborted) canoe trip delivering kegs from the brewery to stops in Kitchener and Galt any time soond . 

In celebration of our friendship, and of this ‘Adventure Issue’, we’ve teamed up with Elora to brew something great. Hoppy. Juicy. (So very juicy.) And opaque. Just in time for the dog days of summer. 

Here’s to friends. Ours and yours.