It’s Saturday morning. Which means coffee on the back deck. A leisurely dog walk. And, often around here, it means Sonia and I are plotting some sort of adventure for the day. New flavours to try. Spaces to see. Shopping to do. Possibly a treat or two. Today, it’s all of the above – we’re off to the Kitchener Market. 

Having both grown up in Toronto’s west side, the novelty of now living in close reach to so many farms and markets has definitely not lost its luster. Each has its own personality and appeal, and we love refueling our pantry and hearts with a trip to our region’s markets. The Kitchener Market happens to be one of our favourites – the perfect blend of unique products, quality vendors, fair prices and tons to choose from. 

With a large covered outdoor vendor area, high ceilings, large windows and skylights, and a second floor seating area which overlooks the market below (perfect for a rest and for people watching, too), the space is light and welcoming – even at peak times. And, shoulder to shoulder, friendly faces seem to float around us. 

Placemaking. The heart of a city.

We arrive early (knowing many of our favourite vendors will sell out before the day’s end) and are greeted with the smell of fresh baked goods, the vibrant colours of local produce, and the exciting energy of a busy market morning. We grab a piping hot cider and slowly start to meander – taking in all the market has to offer. 

Here are some of the gems we uncovered along the way: