The Future’s Looking Grand!


How the newly launched Canadian Condominium Institute-Grand River Chapter will help your Condo Community stay a float:

You have just purchased a condo and are excited to launch your maintenance-free lifestyle! You attend an owners’ meeting believing it would be a great opportunity to make new friends – and somehow you are elected to the Board of Directors! You accept the job, thinking it will help you make even more friends (and surely it won’t take that much time since the condo has a property manager who does all the work)!

Fast forward to Fall 2018. There is new condo legislation that mandates that all directors take training courses and provide full disclosure prior to running for the board. In addition, every condo needs to provide regular Information Certi cates to owners regarding nances, insurance, reserve fund and legal proceedings. Further, Property Managers need to be licensed to be allowed to manage a condo community. How are volunteer directors supposed to learn about all this new legislation and how it will impact their community? Most importantly, will condo fees increase as a result of these changes?

Fortunately, there is local support available through the Canadian Condominium Institute whose mandate is to provide education, information, awareness, and access to condo expertise by and for its members. On July 1st the local Grand River Chapter was created to service the Brant, Waterloo and Wellington regions so that courses, seminars, and conferences can be held in your neighborhoods.

Check out the website and learn why 475 condos and professional, business,
and service providers are already members. Learn how the new legislation will affect your community by attending upcoming seminars – including November bootcamp sessions that will focus on the new legislation. You do not need to be a member to receive e-blasts with updates, so register your email on the website. Check out the award-winning Condo News magazine online and the 2017 Professional & Business Partners directory listing local service providers.

Now, as a member of this grassroots local organization, you can both ensure that your community is well managed and get to network and make new friends! The Future’s Looking Grand!