Aaron Zuccala is not a household name. Not yet, anyways.

For the past decade he has flown under the radar as part of a larger Guelph real estate team. Last November, though, this all changed when Aaron set out on his own. As an agent. A bold move, for sure. And, from what I experienced firsthand on an evening this past June, a smart one too. Simply put: Aaron’s something of a rock star. But I digress. On to the story.


‘Aaron Zuccala is the most awesome person I know!’

The shout seemed come out of nowhere – punctuating the still summer evening air with a real fervor. Seconds later, another voice: ‘He should run for mayor!’ Others chimed in – each one-upping the last in a crescendo of superlatives describing the man who had just driven away, down a laneway on a country estate somewhere in Wellington County.

Some context. We’d just wrapped up a food truck shoot for this issue (see page 94), and I had invited Aaron to be one of the shoot’s models. His tattoos. Hip(ster) moustache. Thick-rimmed specs. Infectious smile. He’d be perfect, I’d thought when brainstorming a list of people to invite. My one concern: that Aaron wouldn’t know anyone and might feel out of place. A concern that only increased when I saw him pulling up to the shoot alone.

It became evident immediately, though, that those who had already gathered not only knew who Aaron was, but were keen to embrace him. ‘He’s the most charming fellow,’ noted Chef Becky Hood at the shoot. ‘He’s warm and supportive. Honestly, everyone loves Aaron.’

Which seems true enough. Indeed, Aaron’s real estate clients include everyone from first-time buyers to retirees looking to downsize. ‘From 25 to 75,’ Aaron says. ‘Everyone’s looking for the same thing, after all – someone they can trust and rely on. It may mean deliberately wearing long sleeves to showings,’ he adds with a chuckle, referring to the tattoos he hides for particular clients, ‘but that’s fine! As long as I get the job done – and develop genuine relationships along the way!’

Later that June night, I text Aaron to let him know how positively folks seemed to feel about him. ‘Well this means more than you know and warms my heart,’ he texted back. ‘Also,’ he added, ‘thanks for inviting me as well as for producing the magazine; it’s a work of art that brings good people together.’ Pure Aaron – always working to shine a light on others.

Gosh, I’m beginning to think Aaron Zuccala is the most awesome person I know, too!