by John DeCorso
Victoria Park Golf

Golf. The sport continues to battle preconceived notions of being too expensive, too time-consuming, and too intimidating to play. Lucky for us, an abundance of courses across Wellington County and Waterloo Region are poised to prove those mistaken beliefs wrong.

Think golf is too expensive? It’s important to note that different courses have different price points, and that playing nine holes is cheaper than playing eighteen. Guelph’s Victoria Park Valley Golf Course, for instance, is more affordable than the more established Victoria Park East Golf Course. Moreover, most courses offer coupons and other deals – including varying price points at certain times of the day and in certain seasons. And guess what? Going to the driving range to hit a bucket of balls still counts as golf! And it’s affordable. And a ton of fun!

Think golf is too time-consuming? It doesn’t have to be. While it’s true that you can spend an entire (glorious!) morning on the course playing and an (incredible!) afternoon at the clubhouse socializing, it’s also true that you can complete a round in very little time. At Victoria Park Valley, for instance, players have been known to complete nine-hole rounds in as little as ninety minutes! And at courses that offer memberships, members can play as few or as many holes as they like.

Think golf is too intimidating? Try practicing on area driving ranges. Playing only nine holes is always a great idea. Get in a game with folks you know – perhaps in a foursome where a few players are more experienced and can ‘teach’ their non- or casual golfer friends. And, believe it or not, ‘tournaments’ are great ways to learn the game! Area businesses and non-profits love hosting these non-competitive day-long events that feature seasoned golfers alongside folks who don’t know a tee from a hole. Victoria Park East and Victoria Park Valley are great tournament options, as are so many other courses in our region.

It’s time we all realize that golf is everyone’s game! Now get online to search our great area courses. Then get offline and head to a local course. There are so many to play!